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Bathroom items and decorations are becoming more popular nowadays. It is in fact a priority for many people to beautify their bathrooms and maximize their spaces as much as possible. Besides, it is a “comfort” room for most of us and so we should make it as one of the most beautiful, relaxing and comfortable rooms in our house. Curved shower rods for bathroom curtains are starting to get more popular nowadays. These new rod designs are curved to create an impressively spacious effect in your bathtub and bathing space which means that your bathroom looks bigger than it actually is.

Curved Shower Rods are a great buy because of its price. It is only priced as much as the ordinary shower curtain rods. I was planning to install a bigger tub for my bathroom when I discovered the curved shower curtain rods. I have never been so amazed by such a simple bathroom item. My bathroom looks wider and its style adds more class to it. This is indeed a very cost effective way of increasing the area of any bathtub. I was able to save hundreds of dollars in the process and it would have been very frustrating on my part if I had learned about this bathroom item a little too late.

The sales lady in this local store I went to told me that the Curved Shower Rods will expand my bathtub and bathing space by 35% and at first, it sounded a bit ridiculous to me but it’s a good thing the sales lady was very persuasive. I would call it “truthful advertisement” because these innovative curtain shower rods really did create a more spacious feel to my shower area! It is a no-brainer to install these curved rods and each package includes the needed wood screws, tile anchors, sheetrock anchors, set screws and wrench! I did not even worry about where to buy all these types of fasteners because, like I said, it is included in each set of these amazing curved rods.

Curved Shower Rods are also compatible with the ordinary or standard shower curtains in the market meaning that any standard shower curtain you have now will surely fit these curved rods. You can easily replace an old curtain design if you get tired of it or if needs some cleaning. You can choose a different color that will compliment your bathroom and this gives you the opportunity to make your bathroom more elegant as it should always be, without spending a fortune on it. You can easily purchase these curved shower curtain rods online or through any legitimate distributors in your area.

Therefore, if you find your bathroom a little too small for you and you need to add a bit of breathing space, then these amazing Curved Shower Rods will definitely solve your problem. I may sound like that sales lady in the local store but that is totally fine by me. You just have to try these affordable bathroom items because the benefits you will get is definitely worth every penny you spend.

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Curved Shower Curtain Rod Tips

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This article was published on 2010/11/28