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The fast paced world we live in today often seems to try its hardest to exhaust us. Sometimes the best way to invigorate the body in preparation for, or relaxing after, a long day at work is to run a shower and let the hot water wash away the cares on your shoulders. The act of showering has become far more today than a simple hygiene routine; those few minutes to ourselves help recharge both the mind and body to be able to face the mental and physical stresses of modern life. When you consider how much of your life you will have spent in the shower, you realize it deserves to be a comfortable experience, which is what frameless showers can provide.


This style of shower enclosure is used today by many places such as hotels, resorts, spas and steam rooms that are looking to present a luxurious, modern element to the environment for their patrons. The simplistic design of a frameless shower enclosure fits well with the existing style of any bathroom of any size. The flawless smooth glass of the shower door makes a room appear more spacious and the lack of metal framework means a more stylish, streamlined appearance that traditional sliding shower panels lack. Frameless showers are not only present in hotels and spas, however; they are fast becoming a staple to the contemporary home!


Not only are frameless shower doors striking to look at, they are functional and efficient, too. Silicone buffering ensures that they have a watertight seal when closed, and the lack of metal framework means there are fewer parts to clean, maintain or replace should the need arise.


Aluview specialises in frameless shower enclosures and bathroom fittings. They provide technologically superior solutions that are customized to each client's individual requirements, and have been forerunners in the South African shower door industry since 1987. With the help of Aluview, you can make the everyday experience of a shower that much more gratifying. Visit their home page at for more information on how to add the sophistication that frameless showers provide to your home.


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Frameless Shower Doors

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This article was published on 2010/09/17