Frameless shower doors will change the way your shower feels

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Your bathroom needs an update and it is time to turn it into the dream bath you have always wanted.  I will focus on just the shower in this article.  There are several fun things you can do to create the perfect shower in your bathroom.  Make it larger, tile it, add all the bells and whistles finishing it off with a frameless shower door.  

To make your shower larger you will have to start from scratch.  This means redoing everything from drains to plumbing.  The end result is a shower that feels like a spa and can be quite the task but well worth the effort.  Start the demo by getting rid of all the old.  This means tub the surround and everything. Then its time to frame in the shower.  Using pressure treated wood frame out the desired space for your shower.  Add the green board for tile backing and higher a plumber to plumb the new drains and water supply lines.  Unless you have the desire to get in over your head then by all means go for broke.  

The second step of the perfect shower is adding the tile.  First you have to find the tile you want and I recommend that you spend a little money on higher quality tile.  A shower is not a very large square foot area unless you went all out on your design. You can afford to tile a shower with higher quality tile and it wont cost a fortune.Then you will need to select a vapor barrier as well. Despite what some people believe, tile is not waterproof. If you just put tile on the wall, you are asking for a really big mess in the future. Something has to protect the wall from the moisture and it isn't going to be the tile itself.  Then add a cement board and your ready to hang your high quality tile.  The last step is grout o do a proper job you'll also need a grout sealer after the job is done. It's best to get all of the materials before you get started. This way there won't be any delays in getting the job done.

Know adding the fun stuff to your shower.  Now days there are magical shower heads that do it all.  From massaging shower heads to steam showers you can truly custom build the perfect showering environment.  There are custom showers that come with six different types of body spays and have more than one head.  I am serious when I say you can have the shower of your dreams just don't go to crazy.  

Finish of your dream shower by installing frameless shower doors.  These shower doors are of modern design with emphasis on an open concept.  With high quality transparent glass frameless shower doors will make your shower feel and look larger then it would normally.  This will add to the large look you where going for and make your shower feel more like a retreat.  Frameless shower doors are easy to clean and almost maintenance free.  To create the perfect shower frameless shower doors might be the most important part of the shower.

Have fun with your new bathroom project and create the ultimate showering experience.  Simple just by creating a new shower your whole bathroom will have changed and become a far better place to relax.

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Frameless shower doors will change the way your shower feels

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Frameless shower doors will change the way your shower feels

This article was published on 2012/02/19