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When you look at a house, what are the first things that attract you or put you off? For many the bathrooms are a draw card. A house with a nice, modern and elegant bathroom is certainly preferred over those with old fashioned showers and baths. If you are installing a new bathroom or sprucing up your existing one, you are bound to find the framless showers on offer by Aluview to be quite delightful.


Amongst the many shows that Aluview offers, the Alpine Frameless Shower is certainly a popular choice when looking to add elegance and luxury to your bathroom. This shower type makes for the perfect walk-in shower. It offers impressive double doors which seal perfectly to keep the water in and the cold air out. The Monza shower enclosure is also popular and offers big hinged doors and a spacious interior.


Many people are tuning to frameless shower enclosures not only for the elegant and modern appeal they provide the bathroom with, but also for the fact that they are much easier to keep clean. Hygiene is certainly an important factor in any bathroom. Frameless showers do not have the frames and runners that the old fashioned showers do. This means that old soap and water cannot be trapped and it's as simple as wiping down the shower with a gentle shower cleaner to keep it in tip top condition. Frameless shower doors offer two basic choices: sliding or pivot door types. Bypass doors are another option which is sheets of glass that slide past each other.


If you are looking into your frameless shower options then take the time to contact Aluview and browse through their upmarket and modern range today. Consider all your framed, semi-framed and frameless shower enclosure options with Aluview today. Trust the market leaders – trust


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framless showers

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Framless showers

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This article was published on 2010/11/30