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Outdoor showers come in many varieties, styles, and price ranges. They are fun to use and make a great addition to many landscapes and vacations. You may wish to purchase a low end pool shower, a high end outdoor shower, or even a solar shower.

Low End

A low end shower is less than a hundred dollars. The water source is your garden hose. You hook it up and it pressurizes the shower. These types of showers are almost always unheated. That is ok because they are mostly used in the hottest parts of the summer.

Some people like the feature of a foot wash. Some of the lower end showers have a separate lower valve to wash off the feet and some do not. This is a nice feature because you will often want to wash your feet before you get in the pool. The shower head can't get enough pressure to wash the feet because it is too far away. 

High End 

The high end showers can cost thousands of dollars. They are often made of stainless steel or chrome. These showers are often heated, as well. They are usually installed right into the pool deck. They are much more difficult to install because you need to run regular plumbing and electrical and/or gas to the shower unit. Most people will need to hire a contractor to install this type of shower. 

Solar Showers

The solar showers are painted black to absorb the sun rays. They are passively solar. That means that the sunlight is absorbed by penetrating the water tank. Solar showers are not typically photovoltaic. A very inexpensive solar shower is a black five gallon bag of water. 

Final Tip

Do you vacation a lot? It's quite convenient and nice to bring your outdoor shower with you. At many remote locations you can hook up your outdoor shower and get the cleanliness you crave. There are even portable outdoor showers that heat up quickly by way of propane. 

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This article was published on 2010/04/03