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Shower curtains have never had so much of prominence as it does now. It could be said that shower curtains are the most important part of the décor of a bathroom.  All other décor items will flow from the shower curtains.

The ideal themes for shower curtains would be designs of the sea shore, different images of shells, or shower curtains with fish designs.  With these designs having color themes of blues and greens and maybe a spot of beige and white, the area will appear tranquil. To make it exotic and recapture the outdoors a strong tropical design of long grass and vines with a touch of brightly hued flowers will be definitely eye catching.

When deciding on the purchase of shower curtains there are a few factors that need to be taken into account. Firstly for whom it is. If it is for a child it should reflect the fun of childhood. Whales, fish, hippos are all designs that could make the bathroom attractive. If it is a guest bathroom the décor could be sober or it could be bright. If the house owners are on the young side they may prefer the splash of color in the bathroom and buy shower curtains that depict the bright colors of the Amazon jungles. Shower curtains for an attached bathroom will have to follow the color of the adjoining bedroom and the design chosen accordingly.

Once the choice of shower curtains has been made it will be time to accessorize. Soap dishes, novelty designs and themed designs will make a statement. Plain towels are the best to complement the shower curtains. It would be fun to have the towels in the color scheme that make up the shower curtains. If the theme is the seashore and the shower curtains have the colors blue, white and beige, then the towel rack should be made of those colors. Alternating the colors in the pile would add to the décor.

Plants relating to the theme of the shower curtains and the area will be ideal

Shower curtains may seem to be just a rectangular piece of material but used creatively it could change the ordinary into spectacular.


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Shower curtains

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This article was published on 2011/05/23