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For all those of you who are avid campers, you will be well conscious of the truth that you can take your shower with you. This technology is incredibly simple, and it beats staying dirty for days on end, or washing yourself with a cloth out of a bucket of hot water! The most simple shower set up for camping involves a large pot of water which includes been heated up on your stove, which then has a pump sat at the bucket and the shower rose hung on something above your head. You just run the pump, and sit under the warm flow of water. Even this type of set up is incredibly rewarding after a day getting dirty when you find yourself camping!
A lot of people opt into getting a Shower Tent, which is similar to what you'd see people putting toilets in once they go camping. These allow for all privacy that you need to get a pleasant shower, and in addition giving you a great place to hold the shower rose. The Shower Tent is something that you can purchase for fewer than 50 dollars, or you are able to go more expensive depending on what you want. You will find generally two types, which differ in the time needs to set them up. The first type basically has material that holds the Shower Tent up by springing out. You simply pull it out of the bag and let it fold open. A few pegs and minor poles later and your Shower Tent are complete.
The only issue with these is how long they last (because of the spring effect) and it can be a pain trying to fold them back up. However, once you know how to do it they're well worth the money. The other option is basically buying a tent. By this, I mean that you have to stand it up, set the poles up to support it all and then peg it down. This takes considerably longer to do, but it comes down to what you intend to do, and how much you want to spend. The 1st Shower Tent that I mentioned is frequently much cheaper, and so they work well enough for most people.
If you're camping near water, you may set the Shower Tent up near the water source and pump water out of the water source. There's some much better camping shower set ups, which can be either mini hot water systems, or they're designed to warm the water up by pumping it around the engine bay of a vehicle. This is normally the best way to have a constant temperature shower, however it is costlier and not everyone has a vehicle once they go camping.
Whatever you choose though, by having a good Shower Tent available the ladies are able to have all the privacy that they want, regardless of who you could be camping with. These tents usually just have a very mesh floor, allowing for the water to run off. you're best off fitting a tarp onto the floor and obtaining water flow away from the tent, especially if it is likely to get muddy! In sand though, the water usually just seep into the soil and disappear. By setting the Shower Tent up behind an object, you minimize the risk of it blowing away. In times where there is powerful wind, a Shower Tent is generally one of several first things to get moved around. Set it up behind a vehicle, a tree or another building or tent.
The other great thing about a Shower Tent is that you can use them as a toilet tent too, as long as you don't want to do both at the same time. If you are digging a hole then you are best with two tents, as it allows you to keep them in one position. However, if you have a small chemical toilet you can just put it inside tent when you should use it. You will find so many items these days which make camping almost luxurious, and yet so many people don't even know they exist! A Shower Tent is a superb investment for camping as it maintains the girls happy and nothing beats a pleasant warm shower with a bit of privacy!

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This article was published on 2010/09/12