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A shower is an area where one bathes under the spray of water. These showers come from a long way when man bath under the waterfall located between jungles since falling water rinse your body entirely clean. This technique is used with the help of shower accessories by which you can bathe for a long time in minimal requirement of water. Shower is used due to awareness of personal hygiene among people as a concern. It is a part of daily routine life to maintain cleanliness and prevent odor and diseases at bay.


There are so many kinds of showering accessories are designed to make you feel comfortable and relax during bathe. These enclosures add style and luxury to the bathrooms. It can be a welcome addition to the bathroom if it planned and fitted properly. They retain heat and unlike a shower curtain or over bath screen also ensure water is drained away efficiently out of the house and not on to your bathroom floor. Shower enclosures are specifically designed to cater the modern lifestyles offering aesthetic appeal as well as utility. The emphasis is to provide a wide variety of shower enclosures and screens with clear attractive designs that are easy to install.


An enclosure is made up of several different components like shower tray, shower waste, glass shower door and side panel which need to be assembled and installed together in whichever room you choose. The most common shape is quadrant, half circle, and offset quadrant, pentagonal and rectangular. If you have the room, all of these can be installed separately to your bath, or you have to decide to replace your bath entirely with a larger walk-in enclosure. A shower bath, which is wider at one end than the other gives you a generous showering space when one need it but means you can also have a long soak.


A different approach is to build your shower into an alcove or recessed area which already has three walls, that means you can no longer need the shower side panels. This may give you a cost saving on the shower products, but may be more labor-intensive to construct, especially if you are creating the alcove with stud walls.


The frame less see through enclosures create a positive illusion of more space in your bathroom and do not inhibit bacteria and rust formation that result from usage of aluminum or steel frames. Shower enclosures made from Stronglas is the best because on breaking it shatters into small blunt pieces that prevent any serious injuries much like the safety glass used in automobiles. Also it can be easily installed and remove due to its magnetic seals.


Since a shower enclosures will forever be a part of your bathroom, you should invest on a shower enclosure that would be truly functional and long lasting. That is why, it is very crucial to have a shower enclosure buying guide when you really plan to get one.

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This article was published on 2010/12/06